Alternative Muse Details

Thanks to Dan Burkholder who wrote the very first book on the digital negatives for Platinum printing, I became fascinated by digital alternative proceses. My digital images grew to be basis of entirely new projects consisting of film transfers, collages, textiles along with paper, board, Tarlatan, metal and other materials. Custom made substrates made by InkAid corporation allowed me to venture into yet more creative effects.

In 2006, my friend Danny Conant and I wrote a book entitled: Vanishing Tibet published by Tibet House who encouraged us to produce a body of work using photography as a base together with Tibetan products such as handmade paper to making prayer wheels on metal, to printing images on Asian paper and hung like prayer flags as well as many pieces dipped in encaustic.

My very good friends Dorothy Simpson Krausee, Mary Taylor, and Bonny Lhotka were my guiding lights in learning all the processes and their support was invaluable to my art. With their indefatigable help and with my assistant Claude De Backer I now have a diverse body of work.

This is only the beginning of a long and exciting road.